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Domänenscheune | Kloster Drübeck

Spending the night in the Domänenscheune

The former farm buildings of the estate of Drübeck Abbey were removed from the abbey ownership for a long time – until around the mid-1990s – and were not accessible to the public, partly abandoned and left to their own devices.

It was not until the Protestant Church successfully step-by-step reacquired the land with the so-called “small barn”, the “big barn” and the “stable” that the structural ensemble of the buildings standing next to each other could be experienced and made accessible again, and developed in the context of the abbey as a whole.

Capacity: 6 double rooms and 19 single rooms, facilities: shower, WC, telephone, WIFI, TV

Domänenscheune, Kloster Drübeck

Domänenscheune, exterior view

Domänenscheune, Blick in ein Zimmer

Domänenscheune, Weg zum Zimmer

Domänenscheune, moderne Architektur