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Kloster Drübeck > Eva Heßler Haus

Eva Heßler Haus | Kloster Drübeck

Spending the night in Eva Heßler House

Eva Heßler (pronounced “Hessler”) House was opened in 2001. It is equipped according to the most modern standards. In addition to single and double rooms, accommodation with complete wheelchair access has also been created. As well as the abbey kitchen and dining room, there is a large conference room with space for up to 100 guests.

Capacity: 7 double rooms and 17 single rooms. Facilities: shower, WC, telephone, WIFI, TV on request (limited number).

Eva-Heßler-Haus, Kloster Drübeck

Eva Heßler House, exterior view

Eva Heßler Haus, Blick in ein Zimmer

Gut schlafen im Eva Heßler Haus

Gemütlich wohnen im Eva Heßler Haus